Leveling Guide For Newbies.

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Leveling Guide For Newbies.

Post by Vitallion » Mon Nov 26, 2018 3:33 pm

Hi, I know many don't need this but this guide is for the newbies that have recently joined the server and need help on leveling.

It should only take you a few days to get lvl 170.

Step 1 : You want to go out the castle (Loa or Braiken) and kill akrises until you are level 15. Remember to pick up the dills as you will need it for Gears and skills. 0001.jpg

Step 2 : Now you are lvl 15 you are able to move on to Denebe. You want to run around the map and again killing akrises until you are around level 25. (At this point you will want to make sure you have all the skill you can learn and the highest gears u are able to buy. Also don't forget to + up your stats as you are going to need it the extra damage and health.) 0002.jpg

Step 3 : You should be around level 25 at this point and should start heading to Den of Norak level 1 and again killing akrises. You want to make sure you have all the skills and gears you need. you also want to make sure you have put on more stats or as the monsters will begin to get harder to kill. You will want to stay on level 1 until around level 30. 0003.jpg

Step 4 : Now progress to Den of Norak level 2 .The mobs will be difficult to kill so make sure you have health pots or you will die. You want to stay at Den of Norak Floor 2 until level 60 or until level 46 as that is the lowest level where you are able to enter Dead Front. You can apply for Dead Front as long as you have at least one other person with you. 0004.jpg

Step 5 : Now that you are level 60 you are able to do the Crespo Dungeon. You will be able to solo Crespo C if u have upgraded all your skills and stats and also have bought all the gear/weps you need. You will want to stay at crespo until level 90.

Step 6 : Now that you are finally done with boring Crespo you can finally move on to python castle. First get all the skills / Gear / weps and upgrade your stats and skills .Go to draco desert and get the quest "Across The Desert" from the NPC Hamon . Then run to The NPC Carlyle outside Python castle and hand in the Quest and take the quest Key to Python castle . Then go inside and start killing Carbons. 0005.jpg, 0006.jpg

Step 7 : After Killing 100 carbons and picking up your 85+ set and weps go back to the NPC Carlyle and hand in the quest . After pick up the quest "Statues of the Six " and you should be given the "Necklace of Soul " Which will allow you to enter python castle. Then run to the entrance of the castle and go inside. 0007.jpg

Step 8 : Now proceed to the "Magic Field of Crevice" and make sure your skills and stats are all upgraded. Then choose "Magic Field of Crevice" (DO NOT CHOOSE B OR A BECAUSE YOU WILL FAIL) then go inside. You want to do crevice until you reach level 131. 0008.jpg

From 131 on wards you can do crevice or just do what i do and wait around for Dead Front as it is the quickest way to level.

I hope this helps you all !
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Leveling Guide For Newbies.

Post by zandk_player_1 » Mon Nov 26, 2018 5:12 pm

Nice leveling guide Vitallion :) This should help some players that don't know how to level up. Thanks!
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