Siege Guide

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Siege Guide

Post by zandk_player_1 » Thu Mar 21, 2019 8:20 am

This guide comes from janvier123 at ElitePvPers

Players keep asking me how to apply for Siege so here's a guide. I'm using this guide because I haven't a single
clue about Siege Ritual Seal so it's impossible for me to create my own. With that being said this guide may or
may not be complete or correct.

(1) Siege Application
The leader of the challenging guild must speak with one of the Siege Organizer NPCs (Leonhart of Braiken Castle or Bastian of Loa Castle) and submit a siege application by clicking the application dialogue "[Application] I wish to apply for the siege."

• Only the guild leader may apply for the siege.
• To participate, a guild must be level 3 and must own their own guild mark.
• To participate, a guild must have at least 30 members.
• The application fee is 50,000,000 DIL (non-refundable).

(2) Siege Registration
• Once a guild leader has successfully completed the siege application process, they must proceed with seal ritual mission to complete the seal registration. The seal ritual will be available within a designated time, and it ends automatically either when the siege begins or when 3 challenging guilds complete the seal registration as attacking guilds.

• Once the seal ritual is available, the guild leader must return to the Siege NPC and click on "[Seal Ritual] Begin the seal ritual" with a party ready to go at the instanced dungeon, "Cave of Abyss," in Denebe.

• After the mission has been completed, the guild leader must return to the siege NPC and complete the seal registration by clicking "[Seal Registration] Register the seal."

• The first three guilds that complete the seal registration are eligible to participate in the siege battle. Once the first three guilds have successfully registered, seal registration is closed for the current cycle.

(3) Beginning the Siege
Unless the castle lord designates the time for the next siege, the default time will be applied. Once the siege begins, the attacking guilds can move to Genoa Castle through the siege tunnels at Braiken Castle, Loa Castle, and Denebe.
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